Yoga As Medicine

Online - Tuesday Evenings from July 21st to August 11th, 2020 - 6 pm-8 pm PT
yoga as medicine workshop

Ayurveda and Yoga – Yoga as Medicine, incorporating Ayurveda principles into your yoga practice.

For anyone wanting to learn how to use yoga to heal their mind and body. Also for yoga teachers and health practitioners wanting to help their students and clients on their healing journey.

Hosted by the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga and Nourish Ayurveda and Yoga.

All classes will be offered online over Zoom.


Summary of the Offering

Ayurveda holds that each human possesses a unique combination of biological energies called the three Doshas. Learning to manage and balance one’s unique doshic constitution is the key to improving and sustaining optimum mental and physical well-being at any age

This four (4) modular workshop will cover Ayurveda basics and introduction, as well as, how breathing, meditation and asana can be used as medicine to help nourish our mind and body from physical and mental imbalances. We will breakdown dis-ease into the 5 elements and then into areas of excess air, bile, and mucus. We will learn how bringing pressure and stretching these areas of excess and how the energetics in which we practice movement can dissipate the build-up and thereby dissipate the associated dis-ease. We will experience this through fun and informative yoga classes.

Summary Teaching Hours (8)

Over 4 consecutive Tuesday evenings from 6 pm - 8 pm PT. Taken separately or in series.

  • Theory – 3.5 hours
  • Asana – 4.5 hours

Even if you know your predominant dosha, there is something to be learned from every module. The doshas are always at play, affected by our current environment. Listening to the signs helps you recognize if you are out of balance, by the characteristics of each dosha that pop up in yourself.

Module 1: (2 hours) - Intro

  • Introduction to Ayurveda
    • What is Ayurveda and it’s principles
    • What are doshas, including the elements of each, where they ‘sit’ in the body and how they manifest in the body
    • Your Ayurvedic constitution by identifying your own doshas (prakriti)
    • The elemental theory of Ayurveda and how these qualities affect lifestyle, personality, foods and movement
    • More about the principle of like increases like to create harmony and balance within your own body

Module 2: (2 hours) - Pitta

Part theory/ Part yoga class

  • Introduction to yoga for pacifying the doshas
  • Introduction on yoga for pacifying Pitta
    • Types of poses (include play and surrender)
    • Breathing practices
    • Meditation options
  • Yoga Asana Class for Pacifying Pitta

Module 3: (2 hours) - Vata

Part theory/ Part yoga class

  • Introduction on yoga for pacifying Vata
    • Types of poses (include staying grounded, slow, warm)
    • Breathing practices
    • Meditation options
  • Yoga Asana Class for Pacifying Vata

*This class will use typical yoga props (or alternatives) and blankets. Details will be in registration package.

Module 4: (2 hours) - Kapha

Part theory/ Part yoga class

  • Introduction on yoga for pacifying Kapha
    • Types of poses (include vigorous movement, connection and fun)
    • Breathing practices
    • Meditation options
  • Yoga Asana Class for Pacifying Kapha


$40 per module or $120 for all four modules, including all taxes

To register, please contact the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga.  For more information on the program or our teachers, you can visit their website.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!



Natasha Ayurveda