Personal Holistic Counselling – Mind, Body, Soul

Bringing psychology and spiritual philosophy together.

Taking an ancient holistic approach to personal counselling.


One on one counselling, coaching, and personal development sessions.

Setting you up for success

Functioning through life better

Building solid relationships

Feeling strong, whole & complete.


These sessions are for someone who either has an established spiritual or self-study practice or who is ready to make this apart of their life. The sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga weave together whole person wellness practices, with the psychology and philosophy of human betterment.


What Sets this Type of Counselling Apart

Much of the counselling offered today is one-half of a whole, taking into account the psychology of our mind and leaving out the spiritual philosophy. If you know there is more to life then what your present experience is showing you, you are ready for this journey.

In the words of one of my favorite philosophers, Alan Watts:


When we divide the medical profession from the priesthood (the spiritual), both are losers, not just because they lose there so called opposite half, but the problem is that when you separate a doctor from a priest you create two specializations.


A priest physician is more than a priest plus a physician, by having as it were the binocular vision from medicine and from religion (deep spiritual practice), he just doesn't see two added areas, he sees the area in three dimensions.

Alan Watts

These counselling sessions are an opportunity to be supported though the philosophy of your beliefs, barriers, mirrors and attachments.

One on one sessions are available in-person or virtually online over video chat mediums.


One on One Counselling with Natasha


(Virtual or In-Person - 60 min. $100)

These sessions will be a conversation, opportunity to really be heard and discuss a practical path forward. If you have a spiritual practice already, we will incorporate it's philosophy. Those new to a spiritual practice and looking for guidance, we can touch on meditation, breathing, yoga or other forms of spiritual movement.

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