Yoga to Feel Grounded, Focused & Get Rejuvenative Sleep


You are not alone. Life’s experiences can lead us to feel ungrounded at varying levels of severity in different times of this journey.


In this eBook, I have taken the concepts of Ayurveda (an ancient holistic knowledge of healing and life) and incorporated them into strategic movement that has proven to shift the mind and emotions to a more content and grounded place. I have used Ayurveda in my teaching of yoga with my students for over 10 years and here in this eBook are some of the practices I offer when the student is in need of this emotional shift.


This eBook is one (1) in a three (3) part series, and also,  perfectly valuable all on its own.


What to Expect

  • Understand how to use yoga as medicine for your mind
  • A guide to choosing the best movement practice based on how you are feeling and what you need
  • Ayurveda basics on Vata Dosha (Air & Ether Element) in the body & mind
  • Yoga posture to keep you grounded, confident & strong, and to bring clarity & focus through the principals of Ayurveda
  • Other tips on how to feel grounded + focused through strategic movement and daily habits.

Free Resources Inside

In addition to the above, there are links inside to:

  • Online Dosha Balancing Yoga Class
  • Online Breathing (Pranayama) Video to Balance the Doshas and Purify the body
  • Online Introductory Course to Ayurveda (1.5 hrs) & Dosha Constitution Questionnaire
  • Circadian Rhythm & Dosha Clock Daily Routine Checklist for Rejuvenative Sleep


All for the same cost as your pumpkin spice latte with oat milk ;)

Fee is in CAD (Canadian Dollars)
Electronic file is in portable document format (PDF)



About the Series

As part of the Strategic Movement Series, these three (3) books will guide you to the right movement for your desired head space.

In Ayurveda, we see all things through the five (5) elements, which make up the three (3) doshas: Vata, Pitta & Kapha. These are the regulation and movement of the elements in our body that manifests and physical attributes as well as emotions, thoughts and mood.

This eBook focuses on Vata Dosha (Air & Ether Elements), when out of balance can lead us to feel ungounded, unclear and even anxious. When in balance Vata allows us to express creativity, connection, and playfulness.

The other two (2) eBooks in the series focuses on the other two (2) Doshas:

  • Yoga Asana to Overcome Overwhelm (Pitta Dosha)
  • Yoga Asana for Abundant Energy (Kapha Dosha)

Movement is medicine, and when used strategically, will shift your mental & physical health.

These concepts are further discussed in my "I Want More From Life" Ayurveda & Yoga Retreats where we incorporate aspects of Ayurveda and Yoga that include food, daily rhythms, strategic movement, meditation, breathing, theory, journaling, exploration and inspiration. I hope to see you there some day!

About the Author

Natasha SamsonNatasha shares her deep understanding of healing the mind, the root cause of suffering, through the physical tools of Ayurveda and Yoga, as well as the philosophy and psychology of these sister sciences. "I Want More From Life!" is the backdrop of her offerings. She structures these applied sciences to engineer the human psyche for greater happiness and contentment.

With over 10 years of study, teaching and counselling, she hosts retreats, offers courses, workshops, and keynote speaking engagements. She is a dynamic educator, business owner, and professional engineer.