FREE Webinar: Subtle Shifts for Big Impact

Saturday, October 3rd - 10am-12:30pm
  • Feeling a bit scattered, uncertain?
  • Trouble focusing?
  • Not sleeping well through the night?
  • Waking up tired?
  • Experiencing an energy slump a few hours after lunch?

As we move away from our natural rhythms, these tendencies can creep up. The uncertainties that COVID-19 has further pressed upon us, such as working from home and navigating social distancing, has brought a little imbalance to us all.


  • Are you looking to feel more grounded?
  • Are you interested in subtle shifts to your routine for better digestion and optimal mind and body health?

Creating a rhythm of the day provides a supportive foundation for our creative nature, gives our body the assurance we will support its needs, and can counteract the mental tendencies of spinning-out into fear, confusion, or lack of direction.


In this free webinar we will discuss the different cycles that influence us in a big way including daily, seasonal and lunar cycles and how to make subtle adjustments to align with these cycles that will have a big impact on our health and wellness.


Learn the top three (3) tricks from Ayurveda that will enhance your health, happiness and bring routine back into your life.


I hope to see you there!