Sweet Dreams: Subtle Shift in Routine for Big Impact

November 17
Sweet Dreams: Subtle Shift in Routine for Big Impact


Not sleeping well through the night?

Waking up Between 3am and 5am not able to get back to sleep?

Habit of going to bed late - Waking up tired?



Not getting enough sleep effects our whole day, mood and our health. This is also a real factor in why folks burnout.


Each of the webinars below are geared to help you with one aspect of how to cultivate a good nights sleep and stay asleep through the night.




Creating a rhythm of the day provides a supportive foundation for our creative nature, gives our body the assurance we will support its needs, and will help us sleep through the night.

In the webinar, with will discuss:

  • The Science behind routine and sleep - Our internal clocks and circadian rhythm
  • Detailed review of daily routine according to Ayurveda guidance
  • Review of night time routine tips to prep the body for a nights sleep

BONUS: Daily Routine & Night-time Checklist


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