Sweet Dreams: Holiday Hacks to Rest & Digest

December 15
Sweet Dreams: Holiday Hacks to Rest & Digest


Not sleeping well through the night?

Waking up Between 3am and 5am not able to get back to sleep?

Habit of going to bed late - Waking up tired?



Not getting enough sleep effects our whole day, mood and our health. This is also a real factor in why folks burnout.


Each of the webinars below are geared to help you with one aspect of how to cultivate a good nights sleep and stay asleep through the night.




The Holiday can be a tough time on our diet and our journey to health. Yes, eating with friends and family will aid in digestion and yes, we can 'live a little' and 'cheat' during the holiday. And also, I want to help you with some holiday hacks to make it through the holiday with healthy digestion to support restful sleep.

In the webinar, with will discuss:

  • What are we digesting? (food, emotions, what we read/ watch, conversations)
  • Digestion and the mind connection.
  • Signs of proper digestion
  • Habit to promote digestion
  • Holiday Hacks


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Hosted in collaboration with:

The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga