Sweet Dreams: Ayurveda Art of Self Oil Massage

October 20
Sweet Dreams: Ayurveda Art of Self Oil Massage


Not sleeping well through the night?

Waking up Between 3am and 5am not able to get back to sleep?

Habit of going to bed late - Waking up tired?



Not getting enough sleep effects our whole day, mood and our health. This is also a real factor in why folks burnout.


Each of the webinars below are geared to help you with one aspect of how to cultivate a good nights sleep and stay asleep through the night.




This is an interactive offering where you will get the most out of it if you participate along side.


The Sanskrit word for “oil” is also one of the many words used for “love” - sneha; how fitting. Abhyanga is one of the greatest gifts from Ayurveda and worth adding to your self-care routine. Abhyanga is a whole-body massage intended to cleanse the body of toxins.


Self oil massage provides rejuvenation, detoxification, nourishment, longevity, flexibility and helps calm the mind.
In the webinar, with will discuss:

  • The Benefits
  • How it Works
  • Methods (Options based on time commitment)
  • Oils & Benefits (what to choose when)

BONUS: Handout on method and oils for future reference and support.


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Hosted in collaboration with:

The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga