East Meets West Health Wisdom for Woman

November 1 - November 22

Dr. Patricia Mills, MD, Functional Medicine Practitioner, AND Certified Ayurveda & Yoga Teacher Natasha Samson have come together to bring this POWERFUL series to life!


For you or the amazing woman in your life!


We are excited to bring ancient wisdom & cutting-edge science together. We love getting together to geek out on health and wellness and are now brining our deep enthusiasm to this series.


?November 1, 2021, 12-1:30pm PDT (3-4:30pm EST)?

 Workshop Title: Ayurveda Foundational Principles For a Thriving Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

In this special Workshop, you'll learn the foundational principles of Ayurveda wisdom and how to apply them correctly. You'll also learn about your unique constitution for personalized health strategies that you can implement right away for optimal wellness and balance between your mind, body, and spirit.

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?November 8, 2021, 12-1:30pm PDT (3-4:30pm EST)?

Discover the BEST nutrition for your body for the Fall Season

In this special Workshop, you'll learn the best foods for you to eat in the Fall Season to properly support your hormonal balance and digestive (gut) health, both of which are crucial for the optimal functioning of your body, and mental state!


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?November 15, 2021, 12-1:30pm PDT (3-4:30pm EST)?

Your ideal daily routine for vibrant health, energy, and relaxation.

Learn the best times for you to wake up, eat, exercise, relax, and sleep so that you can feel and look younger, stronger, and more alive.


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?November 22, 2021, 12-1:30pm PDT (3-4:30pm EST)?

How to fall quickly and deeply into rejuvenating sleep.

Find out the ancient sleep strategies that have helped millions of people over thousands of years to overcome sleep problems - and the cutting edge science that updates this wisdom for our modern age.

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We’ve compiled the most cutting edge concepts, strategies and Ayurveda secrets proven by research, which can have the most powerful effect on your health.




After attending this Workshop series, you’ll:

  • ?️Understand your unique body constitution and what supports its optimal functioning with personalized nutrition, exercise, sleep, and self care strategies. 
  • ?️Feel confident about how to apply daily actions that will help you prevent, and reverse, physical and mental disease. 
  • ?️Become deeply connected to your innate body's wisdom, and its undeniable interaction with the cycles and rhythms of Nature that must be understood and respected for optimal health. You'll create a beautiful new appreciation for your amazing body.
  • ?️Know how to activate a vibrant, energetic, inspired, and self-empowered force of nature within yourself, with the proven health wisdom your body craves!


Lessons take place LIVE via Zoom. Included with each workshop is:

  • Life- long access to video replay
  • Lesson Guide/PDF handout
  • BONUS: You’ll be able to ask questions and have them answered LIVE at the end of the lesson.

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This is for the everyday woman who craves access to these ancient secrets and strategies that ANY woman can benefit from, easily understand and implement.



Each of the 4 Workshops can be purchased on their own for only $89 CAD + tax. 


?Bonus: If you purchase the entire series, you’ll receive 4 for the price of 3, $267 CAD + tax.


FAQ. What if I want to attend a workshop, but can’t make it live? Not to worry, you will be sent a link for the video replay (available life-long).


Hosted in collaboration with:

Dr. Patricia Mills


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